FaaSBank helps financial institutions easily manage loan portfolios and comprehensively track all interactions with clients and businesses.

Build sustainable relationship with your clients
Create innovative client-centric products & services
Integrate with third-party software and service providers
Create rich visual reports with FaaSBank Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

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Welcome home
FaaSBank is beautifully designed to accelerate productivity with an easy to use home screen.

Contact management
Work as a team with a single source of truth using FaaSBank's deeply connected financial CRM.

Flexible loans
Easily manage your loan portfolio using flexible products and schedules to meet changing lending requirements.

Transaction processing
Build customer trust with reliable transaction processing that directly connects to your bank accounts.

Customers like you
FaaSBank supports a growing number of financial institutions all around the world.

Community Futures Nadina
Community Futures provides services and program supports to small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs living in rural areas.
Muskoka Futures
Muskoka Futures is your go-to organization for investments and resources, supporting business and economic growth.
Finances the start-up, aquisition and/or expansion of viable Métis controlled small business based in Saskatchewan.
SIEF was one of the first Aboriginal financial institutions in Canada to offer developmental lending to First Nation businesses in Saskatchewan.

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Design based on years of experience

FaaSBank's intuitive design was developed in collaboration with end- users which allows users maximum flexibility to deal with the different scenarios that arise in the course of providing comprehensive credit services to your clients.

Financial CRM that enables productivity

FaaSBank's built-in CRM makes it easier to record, search for and retrieve all interactions with clients such as initial client inquiries, in-depth counselling sessions, appointments, tasks, and emails; and also saving people and business records.

Integrations and business intelligence

FaaSBank is designed to work with third party software to extend the functionality and with Power BI dashboards you get a rich visual representation of your organisation's performance data.